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The rustic holiday village of Ponta Do Ouro ("Point of Gold") is situated on the southernmost tip of Mozambique. There are many different stories as to the origin of the name, from a sunken ship carrying gold bars, to a beautiful golden sunrise. Essentially this area is an extension of South Africa's Maputaland, but far more pristine.Ponta do Ouro boasts long white beaches and crystal-clear sea where you will find pleasure in enjoying a break from reality, a beautiful sunrise and sunset, and a perfect space to stop and take a breath.

The warm waters of the "Mozambique Current" flow southwards from Madagascar to within 10 km of the coastline. The sea temperature generally tracks the land temperature and will go up to 28 degrees in the summer months and down to 21 degrees C in the winter months.

This is an ideal ecosystem for the vast number of species of game and reef fish, dolphins,whales and turtles that traverse this area as well as for all of the other activities suited to an "all year round" warm water location. Ponta Do Ouro,
turtleSouthern Mozambique boasts incredible biodiversity both on land and in the ocean. Here you have the chance to view and interact with extraordinary marine animals and dance with the dolphins for a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever.

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Ponta do Ouro is about 15 Km away from the South African border and about 130Km South of Maputo. The magic of Mozambique is seen in the smile of the people, lies in the beauty of the nature, and in the complete tranquility of the atmosphere and the rustic destination of Ponta do Ouro.


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